We have revolutionized the recruiting and job search process from months to minutes.

Here at Search411, our mission is to streamline the hiring process for HR managers and simplify the job search process for job hunters. The founders of Search411 are veterans of the high-tech industry with decades of experience recruiting talent for various corporate roles. Based on our extensive experience along with the latest advancements in computer technology, we have developed a set of tools which make the hiring process more efficient and less frustrating. The result? Significant savings in both time and overhead costs as compared to current industry standards.

The Team

Hing Lee

CEO and Founder

Wei Chung Chuo

UI Architect/Frontend Engineer

Lucy Lee

Chief Financial Officer

Tamara Mosley

Senior Director, HR Strategist

Terence Lee

Software QA Intern

Brian Chae

Frontend Engineer

Rok Sosič


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