Smarter Way to Recruit the Best Talent

Let the best candidates come to you based on your criteria.
Quick setup, easy to use. Just give it a shot.


  • High-quality structured data
  • Automating laborious manual work
  • Fast and accurate matching
  • Match best-qualified within seconds
  • Ranking system allow focus on best-qualified


  • Simple, powerful UI/UX
  • Expert guidance by domain expertise templates
  • Flexible and customizable applicant search
  • Centralized profile for easy access
  • Dynamic 24x7 recruiting with auto alert


  • No misinterpretation of ambiguous data
  • Smart Data to minimize false matching
  • Pinpoint exact responsibilities and skills
  • Match soft skills, traits, and culture fit
  • Wide range of high quality jobs/applicants

Low Cost

  • Free service for applicants
  • About 10% of the cost of a professional recruiter for the hiring companies